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Therapeutic Interventions

Cognitive Behaviorual Therapy and Intuitive Life Coaching are the main interventions provided by Calibre Gold Ltd. These evidence based interventions are provided in person, (within Greater London). Also via telephone or via web-conferencing video for clients based all over the world. Individuals and groups are catered for.

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Based on the work of American Psychiatrist, Aaron Beck, this approach helps the client to see the link between thoughts, feelings and behaviours. The client is supported to begin implementing helpful and constructive changes in those thoughts and behaviors, thereby bringing about improved feelings. 

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Intuitive Life Coaching

An Intuitive Life Coach helps you to appreciate all aspects of who you are.   Developing your centre of authenticity, en​abling you to achieve all that you strive for.

Intuitive Life Coaching Can Help With:

- Having Clear Goals

- What your purp​ose is

-Maximising  Achievement 

- Making Positive Life         Changes.

- Gaining Tools, Techniques, and Strategies. 

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With advances in technology, therapy can be provided to you wherever you are in the world.

For a Therapy Appointment: 

WhatsApp Me: 07760650468