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Kevin O'Doherty (Psychologist, CBT Therapist and Expert Witness) works with Solicitors, and related agencies in various locations throughout the UK. Kevin is suitably trained in the assessment and treatment of psychological injury in adherence with the Rehabilitation Code, National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence, (NICE) and British Association of Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapies guidelines.  Kevin is registered with the British Psychological Society and the International Association of Forensic Mental health Services.

Psychological assessment - involves a detailed clinical interview to determine the psychological impact of a potentially traumatic experience (e.g. immigration related issue) The impact may, for example involve anxiety, panic, depression or post traumatic stress disorder. Patients to be assessed are normally seen for a single session, often carried out face to face or over the phone if preferred.

When instructed to provide an assessment report, Kevin will usually comment on the psychological impact of the accident/incident, the relevance of any pre-existing conditions and prognosis. Treatment recommendations will be made where appropriate. 

All work carried out by Kevin O'Doherty is supervised by a qualified and experienced Clinical Supervisor  and in line with British Psychological Society and the International Association of Forensic Mental Health Services guidelines. 

Venue: Face to Face Assessments in London

This is the usual venue for face to face assessment meetings in London, it is located at Jova, 144 Marylebone Rd, Marylebone, London NW1 5PH.  The venue is 3 minutes walking time from the Sherlock Holmes Museum on Baker Street.  Baker Street is the closest London Underground Station.  Here are the go‚Äčogle map coordinates: 


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Standard Medico-Legal Time Frames:

       1. A psychological assessment appointment is offered within 7 days of referral.
       2. Reports are completed and sent to referrer within 7-14 days of assessment date.
       3. Where an amendment to a report is requested, this is completed within 48 hours.