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Kevin has developed a number of online courses which you can purchase via using the links next to the relevant course.  All online courses are now fully accredited by IAOTH, Accredited certificates are provided upon completion by contacting Kevin O'Doherty  Course materials include high quality video presentations by Kevin, audio files, narrated PowerPoint presentations and handouts. each course has a number of tasks that help to reinforce learning for you and your colleagues.


Each course has a certificate of completion which can be used as evidence to show your continual professional development.   Why not check out the course/s now by clicking on one of the links below?. Each course has some free presentations to help you decide if its the course for you. Good luck!


If you are interested in Live-Streaming Courses delivered in real time by Kevin O'Doherty (either for yourself or a group of employees/colleagues) please get in touch.

Eating Disorders Certificate 


This is a comprehensive introduction to eating disorders, that focuses on Anorexia Nervosa, Binge Eating and Bulimia Nervosa. The course is suitable for professionals who may come into contact with client's who have been diagnosed with an eating disorder. The course is also suitable for families, friends and carers of a person with an eating disorder.

Introduction to Mental Health - Certificate

This is a comprehensive introduction to the area of mental health, exploring various mental health issues and discussing diagnosis and treatment.  The course is suitable for anyone with an interest in the area of mental health and illness. It is especially suitable for staff who work with people experiencing mental ill health, or for people with friends or family members who experience mental ill health. 


How to be an Expert Witness - Certificate


Introduction to Cognitive Behavior Therapy - Certificate

In this course, I cover all aspects of work as an Expert Witness, otherwise referred to as Medico Legal work. From how to write a Medico Legal Report to how to put together your Terms and Conditions, this course will provide the potential expert with most of the information needed to begin their career as an Expert Witness.

This is a 10 session course (containing 20 lecture videos, word handouts, mp3 sound file lectures and a quiz to help reinforce the learning). The course introduces the student to all of the basics of Cognitive Behavior Therapy. Including: how it developed, how it works, the ABC model of distress, life rules, core beliefs and the links between what we think and how we feel.


Introduction to Personality Disorders  - Certificate​

This is an extensive overview of the fascinating but challenging area of Personality Disorder.  Full of video presentations, exercises, tasks and additional information.  The course covers assessment, diagnosis, treatment and helpful working strategies and related methods.

Working with Young People who Self-Harm -  Certificate

This course provides a comprehensive introduction to the area of self harm and specifically, to working with and supporting you​ng people who self harm. We look at why young people self harm, how they self harm, how to recognize self harm, exploring the triggers and predictors to self harm, useful interventions, therapeutic modalities that have been shown to be effective in the treatment of self harm, quality standards for helping services and much much more.


Introduction to Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder - Certificate

Introduction to Domestic Violence - Certificate

In this course we look at what is PTSD?, the causes of PTSD, the treatments for PTSD, How we can support the client with PTSD in a professional and effective manner, Psychotherapy and pharmaceutical treatments for PTSD, evidence about the likely prognosis of PTSD, Who is likely to get PTSD and why. It is a largely lecture based, with presentations by myself Kevin O'Doherty, together with lots of narrated PowerPoint slides. There are also resources for your use.


This course introduces the student to this interesting but challenging area of domestic violence. The course is packed with video lectures, PowerPoint videos, audio files, handouts, resources, quizzes and exercises. The course covers the definition of domestic violence, the causes and effects of domestic violence, the impact of domestic violence on children in the family, how staff can help and support victims of domestic violence, where to access help and additional support from organisations in both the UK and USA. 


Forensic Psychology & Offender Profiling - Certificate

This is a fascinating course which starts with an overview of offender profiling as developed initially by the FBI.  The course moves on to crime scene analysis by the forensic psychologist or forensic mental health expert and what this tells us about the likely characteristics of the offender.  The course looks at the likely characteristics of serial killers and rapists as distinguished from the general offender population, focusing on developmental characteristics from their childhood.  Infamous cases are explored and the student is encouraged to carry out additional work in researching these cases.  

Manage Anxiety About COVID-19 - Certificate

This course has been designed to help people cope with anxiety and worry associated with the current outbreak of Covid-19/Corona-Virus.  It is also a very valuable resource for professionals who are supporting clients through this difficult time.  The course focuses on a wide range of Cognitive Behavioural techniques that are easy to learn, practice and implement on a daily basis.  The range of techniques are also very valuable for use in other areas of life and during other periods, where anxiety and worry might be present.


Introduction to Obsessive Compulsive Disorder - Certificate 


Introduction to Motivational Interviewing - Certificate

This is a comprehensive overview of OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder).  The course is suitable for anyone with an interest in the subject, whether that be from a professional or personal perspective.  We look at the nature of OCS, the symptoms, causes, maintenance factors, co-morbidity, treatment, interventions and support strategies.  Approached from a Cognitive Behavioural perspective, but other forms of intervention are discussed, along with a number of theories about causal factors for the condition.

Introduction to Schizophrenia - Certificate

Introduction to Attachment Disorder - Certificate

This course provides a comprehensive overview of Attachment and Attachment Disorders.  We look at what psychological theory tells us about what attachment is and how it develops.  We love on to explore what happens when things go wrong and attachment does not develop.  Specifically we look at Reactive Attachment Disorder, what the symptoms are, the signs, behavioural and psychological consequences for the child or young person and how Attachment Disorder (if left untreated) can develop into problems for the child later on in life when they become an adult.  


Forensic Psychology - Geographical Profiling - Certificate

Geographic profiling is a criminal investigative methodology that analyses the locations of a connected series of crimes to determine the most probable area of offender residence. By incorporating both qualitative and quantitative methods, it assists in understanding spatial behaviour of an offender and focusing the investigation to a smaller area of the community. Typically used in cases of serial murder or rape (but also arson, bombing, robbery, terrorism and other crimes), the technique helps police detectives prioritize information in large-scale major crime investigations that often involve hundreds or thousands of suspects and tips.

Build and Maintain Your Own Website - Certificate

2 adults meeting.png

This course is fully accredited by IAOTH (International Association of Therapists) and a certificate is provided upon completion.  This course gives a comprehensive interview to Motivational Interviewing, a set of tools and techniques to help people overcome barriers, make changes and achieve their goals.  The course comprises of a range of lecture videos, handouts and lots of resources to help the individual solidify their learning.  This is a very hands on, enjoyable and 'motivating' course that is suitable for anyone who wants to use Motivational Interviewing for the clients they work with, or perhaps they themselves want to acquire skills to overcome their own barriers to change and achievement. 

This course is packed with lectures and narrated PowerPoint presentations and overall, provides a comprehensive introduction to Schizophrenia, how it is assessed, how it is diagnosed, its symptoms, treatments available, historical developments and evidence about the potential causes of the condition.  An excellent course for anyone with an interest in the topic, either from a personal or professional perspective.  The course is taught by Kevin O'Doherty, Psychologist, Forensic Mental Health Expert Witness and CBT Therapist.

This course is for anyone who wants to design and build their very own website. The course is taught in a relaxed, informal manner without technical language to make sure students learn effectively, and more importantly, enjoy while learning!

The course will cover: planning, designing and preparing your new website, choosing colour schemes and layout, choosing the style of your website, setting up pages of your website, entering text, videos, pictures and other information into your new website

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Intermediate Level CBT - Certificate

psychiatric interview.jpg

This course is fully accredited by IAOTH (International Association of Therapists) and a certificate is provided upon completion.  It is a follow on from my Introduction to CBT and focuses on higher level understanding of CBT theory and practice, specifically looking at Dysfunctional Assumptions/Life Rules, their part in psychological distress, their development and how to amend unhelpful Life Rules.  This is an excellent course that takes the student to a higher level understanding of how CBT works. 

All of the above courses can be taught via Live-Stream on Zoom. 

Please get in touch for further details:

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